Old Things That Breathe life are Bodacious

How it al started BodaciousOld

My passion for BodaciousOld things started when I met my husband a few years ago. He and I had to start all over again with things we got from others or found in secondhand stores. We realized that used things always have a story. The marks and scratches give them the lived look and are so much more beautiful in your home. We started collecting things for our house on trips in our home country The Netherlands and afther a while also to Belgium and France. We talked about how much our friends loved our new "Old" things and if we could make a dream, of opening our own little shop online, come true.
Well we did it! Making trips to find the most precious things for others to put in their homes. Enjoy our shop and if you are looking for something special just let me know maybe I can help you find it.

Enjoy our BodaciousOld shop!


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